Creative Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials

Today we are providing Photo manipulation tutorials. This is very interesting topic for designers because they enjoy manipulation of images in various formats using different type of photoshop bruses and effects. Photo manipulation means the editing of images and pictures using several type of techniques according to the requirement. A few days ago, we had […]

Human Statue Effect : Cursed by Medusa

[ads1] [ads2] Hello again. This time we’ll make a Stone Cursed person effect in Photoshop. I have used Photoshop CS4 for this tutorial.  Medusa, in the Greek mythology, is a female monster that, gazing directly upon her, would turn onlookers to stone. Final Result We’ll use this one: Name the layer to “Kid“. Duplicate […]

45 Creative Photograph Edits

[ads1] [ads2] Photo manipulation is the process of editing photographs in order to create an illusion or deception. This can be accomplished through analog or digital means. Here we have collected some beautifully Creative Photograph to inspire you to edit your own. Check it out. Obsessed with Black Glacierized Bat Empty Bug Life #1 Eden […]

Creating the Step Up 3D Effect in Photoshop

[ads1] [ads2] Nowadays, 3D movies spread the world. Many cartoons and nice movies are in 3D. However, technically, designer has not applied such effect to poster before. This tutorial will show you to apply such effect using Photoshop. 3D is taking over the film industry, with more and more movies, games and magazines being released […]