PHP language is an acronym for Personal Home Page (currently Hypertext Preprocessor). This term refers to a series of scripting languages or code, suitable for developing applications located on servers.

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Learn about the PHP language.

PHP language is an acronym for Personal Home Page (currently Hypertext Preprocessor). This term refers to a series of scripting languages or code, suitable for developing applications located on servers.

When writing software in PHP, the command sequence will be processed on the server to generate HTML code for the client. And based on that, applications on your website will operate easily.

People often use PHP to build and develop website applications running on servers. PHP code can be embedded into an HTML page using a pair of PHP tags.

Thanks to that, the website you develop can easily connect with other websites on the internet system.

PHP is also a free and open-source programming language. PHP is compatible with various platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

Most of the websites you use every day for study, work, and entertainment use the PHP programming language. Such as Facebook, Pinterest, Wikipedia, WordPress, etc.

The PHP programming language is considered easy to read. Therefore, it is easy to understand why it has become the language that many young people choose to learn before starting their careers.

PHP programming language

PHP programming language

What is a PHP programmer?

PHP programmers (or PHP Developers) are people who specialize in developing applications, programs, and websites using the PHP programming language. This is a quite popular programming language used to develop web applications.

At some businesses, they are called by generic titles such as “Software Developer” or “Web Developer”. However, in essence, the job of a PHP Developer is only a small and more specialized part of the above positions.

The duties of a PHP Developer are quite broad and vary depending on the company size, field of activity, etc. But in general, a PHP programmer will need:

Create, test, and deploy new applications and websites.

  • Identify and fix compatibility issues related to CSS, HTML, and scripts. Usually, it's a matter of incompatibility between a bunch of different platforms and browsers.
  • Research and develop various types of systems in terms of usability, website performance, and database design.
  • Coordinate smoothly with other development teams to resolve emerging issues such as software conflicts, optimize development content, etc.
  • Stay up to date with the latest programming methods and web technologies through specialist materials, workshops, and conferences.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the PHP web programming language?

What are the advantages of PHP programming?

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages because of the benefits it brings. There are 4 main advantages:

  • Simplicity and flexibility: PHP uses open source code so installing and using it is very easy. This language is suitable for even those who are completely new to the programming profession. You just need to study hard for 3-6 months to master it.
  • Large support community: PHP is a popular language, so PHP forums and specialized groups are among the top in the industry. Besides, the recruitment market for this job has never cooled down.
  • Diverse databases: PHP allows connection to almost all types of databases such as MySQL, mSQL, MS-SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc. Thanks to this, you will not be limited and can choose the most optimal database for your application.
  • Rich library: Many manuals and reference materials are available, providing useful knowledge for novice programmers.

What are the limitations of the PHP language?

Although the PHP programming language is useful for web development, it also has certain disadvantages. Among them, the biggest limitation can be mentioned as security errors coming from two main reasons:

  • Nature of PHP source code: PHP language is open source. This means that source code vulnerabilities will be made public as soon as they are found. Therefore, before they can be repaired, vulnerabilities can be exploited for malicious purposes.
  • Some applications using the PHP language are designed by inexperienced people: Because PHP is suitable for novice programmers. So some websites and applications developed by inexperienced people will also provide poorer performance and security.

Things a PHP programmer needs

Master professional knowledge

Things a PHP programmer needs

Things a PHP programmer needs

If you are a beginner, you should have certificates or bachelor's degrees related to the information technology industry, especially in the following majors:

  • Computer science
  • Software technology
  • Program

However, sometimes a degree is not a mandatory factor. Many businesses will often prioritize recruitment based on work experience or actual results.

Therefore, you should master professional knowledge not only from the theory of understanding what PHP programming is but also apply it to gain more real-life experience!

Ability to explore and self-learn

Information technology in general and PHP website programming, in particular, is one of the professions that always innovates and develops every day, every hour.

To become a highly specialized PHP Developer, you cannot lack the skills to observe, learn, and update the latest technology trends and knowledge.

You can self-study through:

The latest specialized documents on PHP at home and abroad

  • Online courses
  • Seminar from leading experts
  • Please know how to be proactive!

Good English

Not only the PHP web programming language industry, but any profession needs a certain amount of foreign language capital. Especially when most of the tools and documents are in English as the main language.

Therefore, if you do not improve your foreign language skills, it will be difficult for you to develop a career in this industry.

Communication skill

The daily work of a PHP programmer not only revolves around working with computers and software, but you also need to coordinate and work in groups with other departments. This process will help provide optimal development directions and achieve the highest performance.

Therefore, the ability to communicate is an indispensable skill for programmers.

Meticulous and detailed personality

Programming is a profession that requires carefulness and meticulousness. Also, just one spelling error or mistyped character in your code system can cause the application to crash depending on the level.

Therefore, when programming you need to be careful and considerate to reduce errors.

Expected income of PHP programming profession

The average salary of a PHP Developer is relatively high compared to the labor market.

Entry-level PHP programmer positions, with little experience or low qualifications, can be paid about 15 - 17 million VND/month. As for people with more than 1 year of experience, this average number increases to more than 25 million/month.

The average income of a PHP Developer is quite good

This income level can be higher or lower, depending on many factors such as company size, location, market needs, etc.

However, for people working as highly specialized programmers, the income level can increase much higher because human resources for this position are very scarce. Many businesses are willing to pay you a salary commensurate with your abilities.


Through the article, P2P has provided you with the most general knowledge about what the PHP programming language is and aspects such as:

Detailed job description of a PHP programmer.
Skills needed before applying.
Average income level in the market today.
Hopefully based on the above information, you will have clear directions for studying and training to develop yourself in the future.

Besides, don't forget to update recruitment information about PHP programming as well as other related professions on P2P so you can choose the right job for yourself!