Beautiful Portrait and Fashion Photography by Joanna Kustra

JOANNA KUSTRA is born in south-eastern Poland in February, 1984. She is an award winning London based photograper. She specialize in beauty, fashion, portrait and kids photography. Her artistic skills developed quite early, since childhood she’s been fascinated with music playing the piano and oboe. Her adventure with photography began at the age of 22 […]

Inspiration for Magazine Covers design

You’ll find so many magazines published every 4 weeks, but solely a couple of these individuals will be able to develop their unique individuality while a top quality magazines .  There are usually a lot of reason for identical, the qualitative as well as informative content is recognized as as one of biggest reason. Although, the […]

25 Creative CV Designs

An creative CV does not promise your dream job, but it certainly assures attention to your profile. HR professionals scan through hundred of CVs everyday and Creative CVs break the monotony of the old same A4 size paper Resumes. Creative Resume is itself a proof of the qualitative work this person is capable of doing. […]

Showcase of 50 Great Celebrity Caricatures

There are many awesome artists out there and there work is really worth watching. Here is a showcase of 50 of the greatest celebrity caricatures found over at deviantART. I hope you will smile, be inspired, be amazed and maybe even go over to the deviantART community to have a closer look at some of […]