20 Best WordPress Tutorial Blogs

[ads1]WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and blogging platform around, mainly because it is free and it is 100% customizable ( This blog is run on WordPress). Today, I will showcase 20 of the best WordPress Tutorial Blogs that have written many wonderful and insightful articles with various tips that either helped me […]

Amazing Examples of Street Art

[ads1][ads2] Nowadays we live in a modern and interesting century. Lots of artists can express themselves through any sort of art, no matter if it is illustration, photography, painting or often illegal street art like graffiti etc. Street art is a quite young and new type of art compared to painting for example. Here is […]

Black and White Photography of People

[ads1]A good portrait reveals something about its subject beyond the immediate appearance of the photograph. It includes layers of meaning and depth that portray the person as a whole, not just the superficial initial impression. Great portraits give us an idea of who the person really is, beyond what they’re trying to outwardly depict. Don’t […]

30 HTML5 Websites for your Inspiration

[ads1]HTML5 is viewed as the next big thing while more and more web entusiasts talked about it. We can’t ignore the fact that a lot of web developers start to use HTML5 standards in their websites and create powerful, simplified and easy to maintain web pages. Don’t forget to Subscribe to Email Newsletter, Follow us […]

Finest Fresh CSS Website Designs for Design Inspiration

[ads1]The web is constantly evolving. New and creative websites are being created every day, pushing the limitations of HTML & CSS in every direction. CSS has come a long way from formatting the structured content. It was used to control layout of documents precisely and to apply different layouts to media types. Today CSS is […]

25 Beautiful Navigation Menus

[ads1]Navigation menus are a critical part of web design because of their importance for usability and creating a position user experience. Websites with poor navigational structure or a lack of clarity in navigation will frustrate visitors and result in people leaving the site without finding the right pages and content. Don’t forget to Subscribe to […]

Showcase of Patterns in Web Design

[ads1] Patterns can be used in web design as a visual focal point, or they can be used subtly to add character to a design. The use of subtle patterns is very popular at the moment. In many cases subtle patterns are used on backgrounds instead of a flat, solid color or a heavy texture […]

Contrasty Color Schemes in Web Design

[ads1]Creating a web design with contrasty colors will allow for a better focus on certain areas of a web site. With a minimal color scheme, more contrast can be achieved and with the right complementary color, a unique and impactful visual impression is given. We want to show you some great and inspiring examples of […]

20+ Best Tutorials to Convert PSD to Html/CSS

[ads1][ads2]You’ve designed your site but you’re having a little trouble turning your design PSD into a coded layout. Here i’ve listed 20+ Best Tutorials to convert PSD to Html/CSS.These tutorial should help you learn how to find the best way to code it. Cialis online ordering Don’t forget to Subscribe to Email Newsletter, Follow us […]

Black and White Flash Portfolios – Colorblind Fashion

[ads1][ads2] The black and white palette is considered to be the favorite art motif of many creative people, especially for their portfolios. Since glossy magazines and fashion shows started popularizing vibrant color schemes, black and white artwork has become associated with something classic and stylish. Many designers use monochrome solutions to showcase their work, even […]