Edka Digital – Brand Identity by Vio Pintilie

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30+ Examples of Creative Graphic Design Resumes (Infographics)

Our last post on Examples of Creative Graphic Design Resumes Infographics 2012 gathered a lot of feedback and comments from our readers. In between producing the next post for your reading pleasure, we checked out some of the links that were shared and suggested by you, and we really really liked what we saw. For […]

Collection of 20 Creative Advertisement

Advertisements are almost anything imaginable in the world of advertising, since it is a combined power of photography, photo manipulation, and computer graphics. Although all ads are not interesting or creative, companies spend billions of dollars each year on advertising for major events. But only a few ads stand out. In this article you can […]

27 creative Red Business card

[ads1] [ads2]“First Impression is Last Impression” An impressive business card works extremely well for creating a long lasting impact on our clients. It also highlights products and professional services of the company. Every company has its own brand color and font for any communication. Business card can be of any color but if it’s in […]

Examples of Creative Graphic Design Resumes Infographics 2012

This post is an information capsule for every fresher and the experienced savvies that are looking for a job switch. By this blog post on “Examples of Creative Graphic Design Resumes Infographics 2012“; I am providing you the best resume design infographics which can be used to give an artistic and magnetizing look to your […]

Hyperrealism Carbon Art by Yanni Floros

[ads1] Well say you can not have everything in life. Money, love and health are the three great aspirations that human beings want to have in one delivery. Yanni Floros romple rule, he prefers sculpture, drawing and technology, the best of this is that you an have it all. Trained as a sculptor, Yanni Floros […]

Website using Illustrated Elements in Web Design

[ads1] Using Illustrated elements in web design gives a unique look to website. It an be an illustrated background, hand drawn icons, or a stylish sketched font. For this post, we have gathered few Website using Illustrated Elements in Web Design. Boks Quiz The Hybrid4 Graphic Novel Well Done Team GB Aggregift CIRQ. White Rabbit […]