str_contains() Function in PHP - Checking Substrings

str_contains() Function in PHP - Checking Substrings

Overview of str_contains() in PHP

In PHP, the str_contains function is part of version 8.0 and later, providing the ability to check whether a string contains a substring or not. This is a crucial feature that simplifies string processing, reducing complexity and enhancing performance.

Syntax of str_contains

The syntax of str_contains is straightforward:

bool str_contains ( string $haystack , string $needle )


  • $haystack: The string containing the data to be checked.
  • $needle: The substring to check for in $haystack.


$string = "Hello, World!"; 
$containsWorld = str_contains($string, "World"); // Result: true

Usage of str_contains with detailed examples

1. Checking the presence of a keyword in text

$text = "PHP is a powerful scripting language."; 
$keyword = "powerful"; 
$containsKeyword = str_contains($text, $keyword); // Result: true

2. Determining the appearance of a substring in a file path

$filePath = "/var/www/html/project/files/document.txt"; 
$extension = ".txt"; 
$containsExtension = str_contains($filePath, $extension); // Result: true

PHP str_contains multiple

When checking multiple substrings simultaneously, str_contains supports the verification of multiple substrings within a main string.

$text = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"; 
$keywords = ["fox", "dog"]; 
$containsKeywords = array_map(fn($keyword) => str_contains($text, $keyword), $keywords); 
// Result: [true, true]
PHP str_contains multiple
PHP str_contains multiple

Comparison of str_contains with other string search functions in PHP

When compared to other string search functions like strpos, stripos, and preg_match, str_contains has advantages in terms of simplicity and readability in many cases.

Example with strpos:

$text = "Hello, World!"; 
$containsWorld = strpos($text, "World") !== false; // Result: true

Alternative options to str_contains: strpos(), stripos(), preg_match()

If your PHP version does not support str_contains or you are working with older versions, alternative functions like strpos, stripos, or preg_match can be used.

Example with stripos as a replacement for str_contains:

$text = "Hello, World!"; 
$containsWorld = stripos($text, "World") !== false; // Result: true

Performance of str_contains compared to other string search functions

str_contains generally exhibits better performance compared to traditional string search functions like strpos and preg_match, especially when checking for the existence of a substring in a long string.


str_contains is a significant feature in PHP, streamlining string checking processes and improving performance. In many scenarios, it can replace traditional string search functions, providing readable and efficient code. However, if working with older PHP versions, consider alternative string search functions.


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