Rain Photography taken by Talented Photographer

[ads1]Currently, most countries in South East Asia are still enjoying the wet season. We get rainfall almost every day, and looking up to the sky, we often see it dominated by dark foreboding clouds. This rain might be troublesome for some, but for designers and photographers, the rainy season is the perfect time to experiment […]

Creative and Cool Typography Tutorials

I really starting looking into doing some typography design lately. Poster printing is always a great way to display your best typography, like for music events, movie posters, websites, and a lot more.  I’m really thinking of taking a small course on the art of typography. Its always great that the design community has posted tutorials […]

Imaginary World : Absolutely Amazing Imaginary Wallpapers

[ads1][ads2] Virtually everyday we see examples of Imaginary imagery all around us. Ever wonder why this particular style of graphics are so popular? It really isn’t that hard to figure out. The reason is that this surreal images are often extremely imaginative and stirring. The word Surreal generally signifies bizarre or dreamlike. Surreal photography pushes […]

CSS3 Exciting Functions-Features and Useful Tutorials

[ads1]With version three of CSS, many exciting features will be implemented. CSS3 leads to greater flexibility and makes it much easier to recreate previously complex effects. Many time-saving rules are being thought up for CSS3: text-shadow, box-sizing, opacity, multiple backgrounds, border-radius, border-image ,multi-column layout, etc… Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS-feed, follow us on […]

A Collection of Coming Soon Web Pages

“Coming soon” pages are a great way for websites to engage and connect with visitors, even before the actual site is published. A well designed “coming soon” page is a great teaser to grab the attention of potential visitors and make them look forward to the website’s launch. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS-feed, […]

Creative & Unique Business Cards Part II

[ads1] [ads2] Guys here is the part II of Creative & Unique Business Cards and thank you for your comments and emails on our Creative & Unique Business Cards. Keep reading… Whichever business you’re in, and especially for anyone in the field of design, such as web designers, a business card can be as important […]

Cool Free Icons to Download

[ads1][ads2]Its been sometime now that I have not done an icon post. We all enjoy a great set of icons from time to time. I have found 30 Really Cool Free Icons to Download I have also added a download button to each. Really creative designers have design the icons you see here so make good use […]

Creative Dropdown Menu Resources

[ads1][ads2]Every web designer gets creative when it comes to designing the navigation for a website. They try to make it standout and think of all the things the navigation should do. The easy part of making a navigation is designing it. After that, comes the challenging part: coding it. A basic dropdown looks simple to […]

Free Tools To Validate HTML, CSS & RSS Feeds

[ads1]Messy code is a huge headache for web developers and webmasters and I’m sure that many of you know that the hardest part of the job is to clean this mess. Beautiful and well-structured HTML and CSS documents can be easily achieved by using HTML and CSS validation tools. Don’t forget to subscribe to our […]

Design Inspiration: Photo Manipulations

[ads1]The things that can be accomplished with Photoshop are quite amazing. Designers who are skilled at photo manipulations can use their creativity to produce stunning results. In this post we’ll feature the work from various designers, for your inspiration. Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS-feed, follow us on Twitter and follow us on Facebook […]