How to add Pinterest Button to Website?

Pinterest is going hot of late. on pinterest, you’ll pin your favorite things and others will comment, like or re-pin your pins. you’ll conjointly categorize you cheap soft cialis r pins by making completely different boards. Currently, if you run a blog or website, you may are wanting to feature pinterest button to website to […]

How to Enable Multisite in WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3 now includes the features that were previously available as WordPress MU.  “MU” stands for Multi-User (or Multi-Site) and this lets you to run multiple blogs all from a single WordPress installation.  This walk-through will help you configure WordPress to manage multiple sites, each with their own second-level domain (SLD). Don’t forget to Subscribe […]

20 Best WordPress Tutorial Blogs

[ads1]WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and blogging platform around, mainly because it is free and it is 100% customizable ( This blog is run on WordPress). Today, I will showcase 20 of the best WordPress Tutorial Blogs that have written many wonderful and insightful articles with various tips that either helped me […]

WordPress hack: – How to Remove it

[ads1]A few days ago a new PhpRemoteView hack, a malicious JavaScript loading from, attacked many WordPress website, including some of mine. There are already a few discussions on this topic and it was a pretty difficult to find a reliable source how to get rid of this problem, but a few websites like […]

18 Traffic Boosting Tips for Your WordPress Blog

[ads1]As soon as you start the new blog the first thought that penetrates your mind is “How to increase traffic”? The first thing to consider is that you’ll definitely have to put some effort into involving some target audience. We are eager to sum up some thoughts and experiences of working with blogs and share […]

Embed Google Adsense anywhere in your post

Today I’m gonna show how to Embed Google Adsense anywhere in your post, you can put your ad in anywhere in post like after the image, after a paragraph or in the middle of the post. Don’t forget to Subscribe to Email Newsletter, Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook – for recent […]

How to Display RSS Counter in WordPress blog

[ads1] Are you boring with those RSS chicklets, I have seen those on many websites and they looks ugly, no matter how you change its color to make it beautiful but it remains ugly. Here today I will show you Display RSS Counter in WordPress blog, you can use it your own way, display it […]

How to Display Twitter Counter in WordPress blog

[ads1][ads2]Today I will show you how to How to Display Twitter Counter in WordPress blog similar as RSS counter post, you can display it anywhere you want in your WordPress blog. You can style it and make it more beautiful. Create a new text file and save it in php format and name it twitter and then paste […]

60 Best WordPress Themes Showcase

[ads1][ads2] If you are serious about your online presence it is crucial to your websites’ success that you have the right WordPress theme design. It’s kind of like people looking to buy a new home. They will make up their mind within a few seconds of walking through the front door whether they like the […]