Collection of 51 Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates

Professionally designed and showing neatness coded templates always create life easier for developers, not solely as a result of they save time and efforts. Since web development is an ever expanding field, it’s necessary for developers to keep their work up to date with latest technology. HTML5 and CSS3 templates are the latest technology to […]

Cutting Edge Examples of HTML5 Web Design

We already showcased HTML5 websites here (Aug 2011). And since a lot of sites are embracing the duo of CSS3 and HTML5, we decided to gather a new list, with some fresh examples of the new standard in use. Today we also gathered some interesting links so you can take your HTML5 knowledge to the […]

10 Best HTML5 Coding Tools Desigers Should Know About

HTML5 will rapidly change the way of making the websites and web apps. So here are 10 great HTML5 Coding tools that are amazing for simplifying and enhancing HTML5 coding. Don’t forget to Subscribe to Email Newsletter, Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook – for recent updates. [ads1][ads2] Initializr If you are […]

WordPress hack: – How to Remove it

[ads1]A few days ago a new PhpRemoteView hack, a malicious JavaScript loading from, attacked many WordPress website, including some of mine. There are already a few discussions on this topic and it was a pretty difficult to find a reliable source how to get rid of this problem, but a few websites like […]

10 Must Read Free Ebooks for Web Designers

[ads1]Web design trends are constantly changing and so is the way information is shared over the web. There are plenty of free e-books that web designers can download to sharpen their skills and stay on top of their game. So, instead of paying for hardcover books, you should first take a look at the free […]

Showcase of Patterns in Web Design

[ads1] Patterns can be used in web design as a visual focal point, or they can be used subtly to add character to a design. The use of subtle patterns is very popular at the moment. In many cases subtle patterns are used on backgrounds instead of a flat, solid color or a heavy texture […]

What’s New for Designers – Aug 2011

[ads1]The August edition of what’s new out there for web designers and developers includes a number of new web apps, JavaScript plugins, tools for creating smartphone apps, and browser tools, along with fifteen great new fonts. Most of the resources below are free or very low cost, and are sure to be useful to a […]

Contrasty Color Schemes in Web Design

[ads1]Creating a web design with contrasty colors will allow for a better focus on certain areas of a web site. With a minimal color scheme, more contrast can be achieved and with the right complementary color, a unique and impactful visual impression is given. We want to show you some great and inspiring examples of […]

Portfolio Zoom Slider with jQuery

[ads1]In this tutorial we are going to create some nice effects for a portfolio or similar website with jQuery. We will create a tiny slider and integrate it with the amazing Cloud Zoom plugin and the elegant Fancybox plugin. Don’t forget to Subscribe to Email Newsletter, Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook […]