Turning A Photo Into A Drawing

This tutorial will show you how to turn your  Photo Into A Drawing. I have added a video that will show you how to achieve this look along with some more modifying to jazz it up. Take a look and please post your comments. So lets get started. Don’t forget to Subscribe to Email Newsletter, […]

Sparkling Hot Girl in Photoshop

I’ve seen some very nice images mixing photos with light effects and sparks. If you go to flickr in those Photoshop and Graphic Design groups you will see images with this effect. There’s a designer, I think he’s Brazilian, who has some amazing designs using this style, his name is Leandro Demetrius and it’s really […]

Creating Drawing Effect on the Photo

[ads1] [ads2] I tried to experiment with photo and mix it with black lines to simulate drawing. Would you know how to make it? Ok, then read this tutorial. Let’s start by finding the picture of beautiful girl with hairdressing. I went to Google Images and looked up the picture, you can feel free to […]