CSS Media Queries for All Devices

In CSS3, web developers/designers can define a media type such as screen or print, and specify the look of the content by specifying conditions such as width, height, or orientation. A CSS media query combines a media type and a condition to specify how web content will appear on a particular receiving device.

Goodbye Fireworks, Hello Photoshop CC!

On May 7 Adobe announced their latest generation of creative tools now known as CC, and this week designers finally got their hands on the new and updated suite, including Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. But as was also announced in May, Fireworks has not been included in these updates, and indeed won’t be seeing […]

We’re Giving Away Three ThemeFuse WordPress Themes

Themefuse and their amazing team members are ready to share three premium WordPress themes licenses with you, our readers! What a great way to begin the day. The lucky three winners can choose one full download of their favorite WordPress theme, as created by the minds of ThemeFuse. Since WordPress is the top place for […]

Exploding Blocks with CSS and Javascript

Ever wanted to make your HTML blocks explode when it’s clicked or touched? Well I did, and today I’m going to show you how I went about doing it. We’re mainly using CSS, but that’s all being run by Javascript just for ease. Read on to learn how it was done!