CSS3 font Embedding in HTML

[ads1][ads2]Want to get away from ‘Web Safe’ fonts for some attractive headers AND do it without using an image? Use CSS3 font Embedding and embed a font-face! NOTE: This article uses font file stored online and your browser may run slow or attempt to crash… sorry! Don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS-feed, follow us […]

Excellent Examples of Forms in Web Design

[ads1][ads2]A form can be a very important part of a website. From really simple and direct ones, to fancy, colorful and creative, there is a form style for each site. When thinking about the interface design of your site, this is certainly an element you should focus on. From Login/SignUp forms, to contact forms and […]

190+ Best! jQuery slider tools – Part II

[ads1][ads2] Guys here is the second part of 190+ best! jQuery slider tools and Thank you for your comments and emails on our 190+ best! jQuery slider tools – Part I . Keep reading…. You may also like the following jQuery Sliders articles: 190+ Best! jQuery Slider tools – Part I 190+ Best! jQuery slider […]

Beautiful CSS3 Gradient Buttons

[ads1][ads2] Here I am going to show you how to put the CSS3 Gradient feature in a good practical use. Check out my demo to see a set of CSS3 Gradient Buttons that I have created with just CSS3 (no image or Javascript). The CSS3 buttons are scalable based on the font-size. The CSS3 button […]

190+ Best! jQuery Slider tools – Part I

[ads1][ads2] We have received lots of comments and mails for the earlier post of jQuery slider and many people asked for more examples and plugins. Waiting is over here is a selection with 190 + of the best jQuery sliders plugins and tutorials with a lot of differents features, we’re pretty sure you’ll find exactly […]

Creative and Unique Business Cards

[ads1][ads2]If you are looking for an unique way to brand your business card, then you’ve got to check this post. I’ve collected over 80 creative and unique business cards from different types of business. Some of them are visually appealing, some have fancy die cut, some are edible, and some are just crazy. The examples […]

25 Free Flash Image Galleries

There’s no doubt that with those nifty javascript frameworks like jQuery, creating a nice image gallery or slideshow has become quite easier but still they are far behind the way interface can be built using Flash. Here are 25 really amazing flash based image gallery scripts that provide not only nice user interface but are […]

30 Awesome jQuery Slider – Gallery Plugins and Tutorials

[ads1][ads2] JQuery slider and gallery plugins are in high demand, as jQuery is one of the most popular Javascript libraries for creating dynamic and interactive effects for websites. From auto-checking forms to photo galleries and even browser-based games, jQuery’s power makes it a great choice to use on your website. In this post, we’ve gathered […]

Advanced jQuery background image slideshow

[ads1][ads2]How to create the background slideshow? With the use of transparent PNG’s, some HTML, pretty nifty CSS and jQuery, we can make this technique work. Read the rest of this article to learn how to create a beautiful advanced jQuery background image slideshow. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our RSS, Follow us on Twitter and […]